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Maryem – Collaboration in a Virtual World

Maryem for blog post

Maryem, TechGirl 2020, Tunisia Due to the plot twist of a lifetime — Covid-19 — my whole cool plan for 2020 turned upside down, including my TechGirls experience. We had a virtual camp where I had the opportunity to work with fellow stunning Global Earth Warriors, as well as meet astonishingly unique TechGirls from different Read More »

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Lara – STEM For a Gender-Equal World

Lara for blog post

Lara, TechGirl 2012, Palestinian Territories In 2012, TechGirls had just launched the program for the first time. Eager for new learning experiences, I applied for the program through the encouragement of my role model and teacher, Tina Hazboun. TechGirls was a life-changing experience beyond my expectations. It opened my eyes to the unlimited possibilities that Read More »

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