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Rayhona – Collaboration and Education in Tech

Rayhona giving a presentation - image for blog post

Rayhona, TechGirls 2020, Uzbekistan “Becoming a TechGirl was one of the best achievements of my life. The cross-cultural experience, during the virtual program, provided me with the opportunity to find an intellectually rich community of people dedicated to the life of the mind. The collaboration of girls from diverse communities inspired me to believe in Read More »

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Farah – Forging the Way for Females in STEM

Farah at tedx talk

Farah Ghanma, TechGirls 2017, Jordan ____________________________________________________________________________ How the TechGirls Experience Shaped My Life The TechGirls program played a huge role in shifting my career path. I was ecstatic to know that I got accepted into the program, knowing that it was competitive to get accepted. I took part in various ICT exhibitions back in high Read More »

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