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TechGirls Alumnae Advisory Council Members

The 2024 TechGirls Alumnae Advisory Council Members

The 2024 TechGirls Alumnae Advisory Council comprises 42 alumnae from 25 countries and territories representing every region of the TechGirls program. These members are split into three different committees. Each committee has three main roles:

  • Core Regional Members are members of the TechGirls Community who have completed all programming requirements. Core Regional Members plan, prepare, and host various committee events supporting the TechGirls programming and mission.
  • Executive Advisor is a former Alumnae Council Member with previous Senior Advisor experience that has actively served on the AAC for multiple consecutive years. The Executive Advisor acts as a mentor to Senior Advisors of all committees and helps them carry out their respective leadership positions.
  • Senior Advisors are former Alumnae Council Members who served prior to 2024. Senior Advisors oversee Core Regional Members by offering training and development. In addition, Senior Advisors provide guidance and support for the Alumnae Advisory Council committees.
  • General Council Members: act as ambassadors of their region to promote any efforts being made by the Alumnae Advisory Council aligned with the TechGirls mission and vision. In addition, General Council Members make recommendations concerning a variety of Alumnae Council matters and support initiatives that Senior Advisors and Core Regional Members work on. 

The Community Building Committee

The Community Building Committee connects the network of 600+ TechGirls alumnae with each other and with the broader ECA alum community. The committee will foster mentorship among the TechGirls cohorts, introduce professional resources, highlight the new Exchange Alumni platform, and reflect on the program's incredible 12-year history.

CB committee 12

The Programming Committee

The Programming Committee plays a large role in guiding the newest TechGirls throughout the program. Members will facilitate an insightful question-and-answer session for TechGirls as they prepare to engage in the transformative summer exchange portion. After the summer, the members of this committee will also act as peer mentors to TechGirls implementing their impactful Community Action Projects.

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The Public Affairs Committee

The Public Affairs Committee spreads the word about opportunities for young women in STEM. Members will amplify the TechGirls application when it opens and share their experiences with aspiring TechGirls. The committee will also host networking events and TechTalks about various STEM topics that connect alumnae with inspiring women in STEM professionals.

PA committee
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