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Tech Training & STEM Career Conversations

Tech Camp and Training

The tech camp instructional partner for TechGirls is the Center for the Enhancement of Engineering Diversity (CEED) at Virginia Tech.

TechGirls receive 38 hours of instruction in STEM foundational courses. They also have the chance to visit labs to learn about groundbreaking research. The whole experience opens up great awareness of academic and career paths.

  • "I learned the computational skills, music compositions and programming for the very first time in my life and I feel very honored to have these courses to help me. Moreover, what I improved is my team-working skills, individual project working skills better time management, and gained social adaptability."  2023 Participant in Promoting Computational Thinking via Algorithmic Music Making.
  • "I have learnt the impacts of climate change on natural systems and how I can use the technical skills learnt to manage water resources and develop innovative solutions to promote ecosystem health and water conservation. I now feel I can create solutions to the alarming issues caused by the effects of climate change." 2023 Participant in Exploring rivers and landscapes: the impact of climate change and human activity.

STEM Career Conversations and Job Shadow

TechGirls teams up with several private sector partners for career conversations for one or two days of job shadowing. Through these events, participants:

  • Gain exposure to a variety of careers in the technology sector.
  • Attain a better understanding of the job elements of their career interest.
  • Recognize what type of education is needed to gain entry to this career.
  • Connect with a potential future employer.
  • Determine if the career is compatible with their interests and abilities.
  • Create opportunities for mentorships with other women in tech.
  • Build confidence in young women to pursue higher education and careers in technology.
  • Experience American-style work life; understand the work/life balance.
  • Gain exposure to collaborative work environments and innovative thinking.

Highlighted Partners

Women's High Tech Coalition organized an empowering day for TechGirls featuring women of influence across various fields to discuss the power of inclusive perspectives in STEM. TechGirls shared their experiences and were able to foster meaningful conversations with powerful women.


Since 2019, TechGirls have had the opportunity to visit NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center while in the United States for the international exchange program. The TechGirls partnership with NASA provides meaningful empowerment of the emerging young STEM TechGirls leaders with expert engineers in the field. TechGirls gain insight and advice on careers in STEM from female leaders at NASA.


The Smithsonian Institution provided space for TechGirls to talk with knowledgeable professionals about their work and research, ranging from meteorites to coral reefs. Through the interactive Q?rious exhibit at the National Museum of Natural History, and thought-provoking activities, participants could explore the vastness of opportunities in STEM and understand the intersections of technology in other fields.

Become A Partner

If your organization is located in one of the host cities below and is interested in hosting job shadow experiences, please contact the relevant partner organization:


Other partners have included the following innovative organizations:

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