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Leena – Unleashing the Power of Python

Leena is smiling in winter clothes while standing in front of greenery.

Leena, TechGirls 2022, Palestinian Territories Through the remarkable TechGirls program, I was given a one of a kind opportunity to not only discover the world of coding and microprocessors but also to go to the States and engage with a community of female STEM geniuses and dreamers for 3 weeks. With their support, I was Read More »

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Luíza – Turning Hesitation Into Motivation

Luíza smiling in a field while wearing a Virginia Tech sweatshirt

Luíza, TechGirls 2022, Brazil Two months before high school started, I had to make the decision of what I was going to study in college. The decision was not clear in my head, but I chose to major in International Relations. A few months later, I decided to visit a company in order to participate Read More »

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