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2024 NextGen TechCamp Jordan: Connecting TechGirls and TechWomen Alumnae

The NextGen TechCamps are STEM-focused workshops that the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) hosts each year in multiple locations across the globe. As alumnae of ECA programs, TechGirls and TechWomen apply for and participate in these events to connect with fellow women in STEM and develop innovative solutions for their communities. 

This year’s first NextGen TechCamp, entitled “Women Driving Digital Transformation in the Middle East”, was held in February in Jordan. Seven alumnae from the TechGirls and TechWomen programs who attended the event shared their reflections below. 

1. Was this your first time at NextGen TechCamp? What encouraged you to attend this year?

Nermin (2013 TechWomen Fellow, Egypt): Yes this was my first year. Two things tempted me to go: the speakers/trainers and the topic chosen, and the idea of intergenerational discussions always resonates with me. 

Ons (2017 TechGirl, Tunisia): This was my first time attending a NextGen TechCamp. What encouraged me to attend is the opportunity to network with fellow TechWomen and TechGirls alumnae. Being part of this event was a great opportunity to get inspired by the stories of amazing TechWomen and TechGirls from different cohorts. 

Raghad (2021 TechGirl, Jordan): ‘Once a TechGirl, Always a TechGirl’. I always love how this is so true. I always try to catch up with the activities and emails of TechGirls. It was my very first time attending NextGen TechCamp. I was motivated to apply because I would reunite with my old TechGirls and TechWomen Fellows and I wanted to help my society. Seeing all that happens in my region makes me feel helpless and hopeless but I know that there is always something that I can do to make a difference, no matter how small. TechGirls equipped me with the tools to move forward. TechCamp was a continuation of my learning journey and it aimed to integrate technology with business. Learning the business aspects of the project you are conducting is so important as it helps sustain your project.

2. What did you find most interesting or engaging about this year’s event? 

Nada (2020/2021 TechGirl, Egypt): The event’s ability to bring together such a passionate and resilient group of women from across the region was incredibly moving. Amidst the backdrop of challenges, including the ongoing conflict affecting Palestinians, the TechCamp served as a reminder of our collective strength and determination. It was inspiring to see that, despite the hardships, there remains a strong sense of commitment to not only advancing our skills and careers but also to supporting and uplifting communities in crisis, including keeping the plight of Palestinians at the forefront of our conversations and actions.

Jana (2022 TechGirl, Jordan): From preparing our Shark Tank projects to our little movie nights, this year’s event was more than I could’ve asked for. I especially enjoyed watching the Asian Cup finals together, where our screams filled the air and our laughter followed. Another activity I loved was visiting the ambassador’s residence at the U.S. Embassy. I had the opportunity to meet people from all around the world who had a single, powerful wish: creating a hub of opportunities for girls and women from all backgrounds to give them a chance to unlock their full potential.

3. What is something you took away from meeting with fellow TechGirls and TechWomen alumnae?

Zeineb (2016 TechGirl, Tunisia): Every woman I had the opportunity to meet at the conference was incredibly inspiring. TechGirls and Techwomen have always exemplified ambition and resilience and demonstrated their unwavering dedication through their hard work and determination. All of us shared the passion for upskilling our communities in the MENA region and giving back to our countries. Most attendees and speakers shared unique and compelling journeys, filled with challenges and triumphs, which left me deeply inspired.

Nour (2020/2021 TechGirl, Jordan): As a TechGirl 2020 and 2021 alumna, my TechGirls experience was entirely virtual in both years. One of the highlights for me was connecting with fellow TechGirls and TechWomen alumnae. I had the pleasure of meeting a TechGirl from Egypt who was in my cohort, in which I only knew her virtually. It was truly amazing to engage with these incredible women, sharing our cultures, experiences, and enjoying some great times together. It served as a reminder of our belonging to a larger community, and I’m grateful to be a part of it.

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TechGirls and TechWomen standing in front of NextGen TechCamp banner in Jordan
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