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Asel – Bringing Digital Tools to Rural Communities

Asel TechGirls standing in front of tree covered hills

Asel, Kyrgyzstan, TechGirls 2020 We recognize the accomplishment of Asel empowering and supporting children on Universal Children’s Day. Being TechGirl is being inspired and inspiring others.  I remember writing my essay for this program for two months. I was so excited about the opportunity to become part of such an amazing community that I spent Read More »

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Reine – Inspiring Youth through GloryTech

Reine Headshot

Reine, Lebanon, TechGirls 2021  I am Reine Halaby TechGirl 2021 from Lebanon. Hop on this ride to read all about the incredible adventure I was and still am a part of. The TechGirls program was unlike any other program, competition, or event in which I had ever participated. It was a life-changing, incredible, and remarkable Read More »

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