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Reine – Inspiring Youth through GloryTech

Reine, Lebanon, TechGirls 2021

 I am Reine Halaby TechGirl 2021 from Lebanon. Hop on this ride to read all about the incredible adventure I was and still am a part of. The TechGirls program was unlike any other program, competition, or event in which I had ever participated. It was a life-changing, incredible, and remarkable virtual but an extremely purposeful experience. I recall applying to the program with the hopes of meeting and connecting with individuals who share my interests and gaining varied knowledge in the fields I am passionate about, but most importantly, I wanted to be a part of a community that can genuinely make a difference and make the world better. I began to see my development once the six-week program ended. I was much more confident, committed, and independent. At school, I was even better and had a greater grasp of the material. After this experience, I am better prepared and ready for university, particularly abroad, because I have formed long-lasting connections with other TechGirls.

Even when we are in a room full of loved ones, we spend the majority of our time on our phones, texting, posting, watching, and so on. We have built a whole new existence for ourselves on our phones thanks to social media; we often forget who we are and what actually matters. My goal for my website, GloryTech, is to highlight the bright sides of technology and to share as much knowledge about STEAM topics as possible to all students, kids, and adults across the world. By joining and becoming a member of our website, individuals from all over the globe will be able to share their expertise and become a part of a community. To add to that, I highlighted mental health on the website since it is our cornerstone and the one thing that keeps us growing; thus, we should treat it with the same care and awareness that we give our bodies. 

In addition, I will be hosting nine on-campus sessions in my school Makassed Ali Bin Abi Taleb for classes ranging from fourth to twelfth grades, each of which includes information regarding STEAM topics and interactive activities.

Check out my website at this link 

Watch the videos, test your knowledge, register to become a member and share to help us flourish! 

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