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Rund – A Computer Science Journey

Rund for blog post

Rund, Jordan, TechGirl 2017 I am a second year Computer Science student at Princess Sumaya University in Jordan. When I started university I joined the ACM club, as an officer in training and a problem-solving trainer, and this year I am a board member in the club’s committee holding the social media thing specially. ACM is Read More »

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Takhmina – Quality Education with Technology

Takhmina for blog post

Takhmina, TechGirl 2020, Tajikistan A long time ago, I saw my first TED talk video in a chaotic YouTube feed. In that video, the woman talked about happiness and it’s different perceptions. After that, I  wondered what happiness means for me. As a child, I would say that happiness is to have a lot of Read More »

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