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Rund – A Computer Science Journey

Rund, Jordan, TechGirl 2017

I am a second year Computer Science student at Princess Sumaya University in Jordan. When I started university I joined the ACM club, as an officer in training and a problem-solving trainer, and this year I am a board member in the club’s committee holding the social media thing specially. ACM is a university club focusing on problem-solving and competitive programming. It’s been over three years since I participated in TechGirls and I can never imagine how my life would be if I hadn’t the chance to participate. It is literally a life changing experience. Despite it being only a three week program, it did improve my personality and life!

The problem-solving training is a weekly training for my university students held by the ACM club, to improve students’ problem solving and competitive programming skills so they will be able to participate in several world-wide competitions, one of these competitions is IEEEXtreme, a 24-hour global challenge where teams from all over the world compete to solve some challenges, this years’ version was held on 24th of October where my team and I got the rank 209 worldwide. I gave two pieces of training last year and started my new training for this semester, where I give beginners training and take another advanced training.

The training I provide is a problem solving and critical thinking training, where trainees take some challenging problems and try to come up with a logical solution, then write a code describing this solution. As a trainer I give them the basic math, implementation, and logical techniques that help them in their way of thinking and teach them how to implement their solution into a code. It’s three hours per week, we used to give it on campus but due to the current situation, we are giving it online. This training contains some competitions held by the trainers so trainees keep excited and compete with each other as much as possible.

Even though it’s been three years now since TechGirls, I do remember every single leadership clinic we took, every inspirational person I had the chance to meet and learn from. The job shadowing day gave me an idea of the major I want, and now, everyday gets me more sure that I am on the right path. Last but not least, the amazing, priceless and unforgettable TechGirls family I gained. I really recommend every girl to participate in the TechGirls, and I wish I could re-participate in it. Can’t be more blessed!

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