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Batool – A Life Journey Shaped by TechGirls

Batool, TechGirl 2018, Jordan

My name is Batool, and I believe that luck happens at the beginning, but then we have a choice — to work or to stay in our comfort zone.

My participation in the Tech Girls program in 2018 has taught me more than I expected and has continually made me excited to be more engaged in various activities and programs that would benefit me a lot and shape my personality.

After TechGirls, I was selected as an ambassador of digital civility in a conference with Microsoft, was a speaker on behalf of another program’s alumni, held my own personal art gallery, and got involved in lots of other programs. If I was asked about how this is related to my participation in the program, I would say that TechGirls has never been solely about the academic benefits that you gain during that month, but it has so much more to do with creating clearer visions and bigger goals for all the participants. In addition to all that, it has introduced me to lifelong friendships and strong networks I can rely on.

I am now studying computer science at my university, and am officially involved in the Hult Prize program. I got a scholarship to complete my bachelor’s degree, and I don’t think that I would have taken this decision if TechGirls was not a part of my life journey.

I will be always thankful for what the program added to my life.

Batool for blog post
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