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Bahia – Using Technology to Drive Business

Bahia, TechGirls 2017, Algeria

It all started with being an Algerian Youth Ambassador for the TechGirls program in 2017. While many TechGirls of my generation chose STEM as a field I found myself more immersed in IT from a business perspective so I decided to keep using the knowledge that I’ve gained from the program as a hobby and an escape from University because surprisingly I chose medicine, I chose humanity above all. After taking different positions as a vice president in different organizations and companies I felt ready to launch my biggest project. An idea that gathers medicine with art using the skills I gained from the TechGirls program. Eventually, I found my interest in e-commerce so I created an art studio – The Doctor Art Studio.

I believe that our thoughts shape our spaces and in return, our spaces reflect on our personalities. That is why in a unique way I wanted to depict the paradox of art in my art studio by expressing the simplicity of complex organs and abstraction of very detailed anatomical features through art that reveals the paradoxical function of anatomy… The inner beauty of humans… The arts are shipped worldwide for any anatomy enthusiasts.

For this reason, I collected a team of talented medical artists that master both of the fields to invest in them and help them generate decent passive income to grow their dreams. Thus, with each artist in the studio, there is a different story and a different artist.

Although this project is purely e-commerce I’m working with another team of software developers simultaneously to create a SaaS smart website for medical students as an e-learning platform using Artificial Intelligence, then merge both of them into one startup that serves art and education.

But in the end, I can say that the TechGirls program was a few weeks experience in my life but a lifelong impact on me that I’ll keep appreciating in each project I make.

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