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D’Anya – Inclusion & Service to a Global World

D’Anya, TechGirl 2019, USA

D’Anya is the founder of two 501(c)3 nonprofits, the STEM Insider Project and The Student Ambassador Program under the auspices of The Village Resource Foundation, she endeavors to connect youth to STEAM professionals and careers.

D’Anya is honored to serve as a U.S. Department of State Youth Ambassador for TechGirls. Her participation in a summer residential STEM cultural-exchange program, at Virginia Tech for girls from the Middle East and Central Asia, inspired D’Anya to help other young people to explore STEM careers and build mentoring relationships within the STEM community.

Her passion to connect marginalized students to extraordinary opportunities has landed her as a participant on the Dr. Oz Show, “More Black Doctors” campaign. Additionally, D’Anya was recently featured as a guest panelist speaker for Virginia Bio featuring Miss America, Camille Schrier, as the moderator. As D’Anya currently serves as a TechGirl Alumnae Officer for the United States, she endeavors to serve her local community through STEM initiatives such as mentoring, tutoring, and hosting educational programs in Prince William County and at George Mason University. She delights in facilitating hands-on laboratory and technology experiences.

Along with her colleagues of the Prince William County Human Rights Student Leadership Council, she currently leads as the Parliamentarian in a research initiative to develop a comprehensive plan for “Health is a Human Right Essential for Equality and Leadership.” As a member of the National Honor Society and recipient of the Girl Scout Silver Trefoil Award, and the United States Presidential Gold Award for Volunteer Service, D’Anya knows all too well the importance of integrity and service to the global community.

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