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Maryem – Collaboration in a Virtual World

Maryem, TechGirl 2020, Tunisia

Due to the plot twist of a lifetime — Covid-19 — my whole cool plan for 2020 turned upside down, including my TechGirls experience. We had a virtual camp where I had the opportunity to work with fellow stunning Global Earth Warriors, as well as meet astonishingly unique TechGirls from different pathways. Although our interactions were only online, I never felt the long distance that was separating us. I sensed every kindred spirit, learned from every single virtual clinic, and that was tremendously impactful!

Along with TechGirls, I had huge responsibilities as Vice President at an international organization: JCI Kairouan Junior. And let me tell you this: TechGirls certainly made me a better leader! I had a clearer vision and higher motivation to fulfill my dream: change-making. Thanks to the plenty of hours I spent connecting and bonding with the TechGirls, I learned that unity is the key to success. I valued the power of teamwork more. Thus, I made sure to always keep on strengthening our collaboration as a team at JCI. The atmosphere at TechGirls is as lovely as at JCI. Everyone is ambitious and thoughtful. We are a beautiful family. We have fun together, share jokes and good memories, but also work hard to make the world a better place!

Through the summer of 2020, JCI Kairouan Junior successfully managed to organize two events: Mama Africa and فن’tastic. Mama Africa was an African-themed Festival that took place on International African Women’s Day. We introduced the cultures of our continent and invited several African people to share their stories. We included dance performances, an open mic session, and a DJ. The feedback was all positive and heart-warming.  As for the concept of فن’tastic, we wanted to organize an event that gives opportunities to young local artists to show their talents. We celebrated art in many ways. We had performances of local bands, including an extraordinary band formed by JCI members. We also brought skilled local beatboxers and dancers. Then, we finished the night under the stars, and streamed a movie.

The process of organizing these events definitely required functioning under stress. It was not easy as a leader, but I was ready. Thanks to TechGirls, I met several inspiring leaders who taught me how to be in control of unexpected situations and step forward.

 “School gave me an education, but Junior Chamber and TechGirls gave me an education for life!” – Inspired from JFK

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