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The 2022 TechGirls Program

The 10th Year and Global Expansion! For the TechGirls program, the summer of 2022 was like no other. From July 7 to July 31, the TechGirls program, a U.S. State Department initiative that is administered by Legacy International, hosted its first in-person summer session since 2019. Since 2012, the TechGirls program has hosted girls ages Read More »

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Hala – Bringing Ideas to Life

TechGirls Hala in front of artwork

Hala, TechGirls 2020, Jordan Read about Hala’s Monocle Project here. She was recognized with an Outstanding Project Award and has made an incredible impact! In my freshman year of high school, a classmate who was anxious to apply to TechGirls introduced me to the program. I inquired around it at school and did some internet research to Read More »

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Diyora – The Next Uzbek Ada Lovelace

Diyora, TechGirls 2021, Uzbekistan It’s one o’clock in the morning. I am sitting in an auditorium. I have not slept all night and I’m definitely not planning to sleep now. My hands are all burnt after hours of working with a soldering iron. The team I am leading is going to present an automated greenhouse Read More »

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Alae – Making Dreams Come True

girl with the beach in the background

Alae, TechGirls 2020, Morocco Alae is a co-founder of Tech4All with Amina, you can read more here. She was recognized with an Outstanding Project Award and has made an incredible impact! Dreams do come true! I can’t believe that I am now part of the TechGirls alumni network. The TechGirls program was a big goal I had Read More »

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Aynura – Giving girls the chance to LadyUp

Aynura posing with her head on her hand with a plain background

Aynura, TechGirls 2021, Uzbekistan Read about Aynura’s Project LadyUP here. She was recognized with an Outstanding Project Award and has made an incredible impact! The district where I live is small, on the edge. Life here was smooth. Something had to change for me. But what was it? I began to test myself in different areas to Read More »

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Nada – Developing A ‘Growth Mindset’

Nada TechGirl smiling in front of a wall

Nada, TechGirls 2020, Egypt TechGirls is an essential milestone in my understanding of how global citizenship works. Not only was I exposed to new cultures, but also, I witnessed a unique perspective of diversity fostering our creativity and professional growth. The experience inspired and encouraged us to work even harder to conduct our projects and Read More »

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Youssra – Women Who STEM

Youssra TechGirl in front of a vibrant green bush

Youssra, TechGirls 2021, Algeria Read about Youssra’s Women Who STEM Project here. She was recognized with an Outstanding Project Award and has made an incredible impact! The TechGirls program was a life-changing experience for me. I became part of a tech community full of supportive and empowering women. The TechGirls program built my leadership skills and made me Read More »

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Kyra – Published and Prospering

Kyra TechGirl at the beach at sunset with a building and a palm tree in the background

Kyra, TechGirls 2021, USA As my high school has a special focus in biotechnology, I have had the opportunity to get a lot of hands-on experience in the lab doing gel electrophoresis, spectrophotometry, bacterial staining etc. I am the president of my school’s Bioscience Club. With my team members and teacher sponsor I organize and Read More »

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Mas – Empowering Youth in STEM

Mas TechGirl in front of a white school building with blue windows

Mas, TechGirls 2021, Jordan Thinking back to the past, I was not a lucky person. I always failed to get many opportunities, I was rejected from many other programs, and I made many mistakes. Basically my goal was and still is to develop my personality and develop what talents I have and my areas of Read More »

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Takhmina – Global STEM Skills

Takhmina Techgirl in front of a stone wall

Takhmina, Tajikistan, TechGirls 2020 Blood was moving inside the veins and supplying my brain with a decent amount of oxygen. Brain neurons used electrical impulses and chemical signals to transmit information between different areas of the brain, and between my brain and the rest of the nervous system. Focusing on the thinking process made me Read More »

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