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Milena – ‘Siri-ous women’ in the STEM field

Milena smiling with a green bush behind her.

Milena, TechGirls 2022, Montenegro  ‘Can you name three female scientists or inventors you know?’ For a long time, I was one of the people who only knew about Marie Curie and Ada Lovelace, and I would try really hard to think about anyone else. From an early age, I knew about Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Read More »

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Rihab – TechGirls: A Bright Start and a Huge Push! 

Rihab standing in veterinary clinic. She is wearing pink scrubs and a stethoscope around her neck.

Rihab, TechGirls 2015, Morocco  At a young age, I had the chance to take part in the TechGirls 2015 program. I was one of the lucky girls to be selected among hundreds of Moroccan applicants. I flew to Washington, D.C. for one of the most life-changing experiences. Between the TechCamp, the job shadow experience, the Read More »

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Celina – Raising Climate Change Awareness

Celina smiling behind NASA podium

Celina, TechGirls 2022, Argentina Ever since I was a child, I’ve been interested in science and nature. From the first moment I heard about the TechGirls program, I dreamed of being part of it. Not only because of the opportunity of learning about different STEM fields, but also for the possibility of sharing this experience Read More »

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Elyse – Forging My Path to Engineering

Elyse smiling on a grass lawn. There are people and buildings behind her.

Elyse, TechGirls 2022, Rwanda I cannot remember a time when I was not fascinated by machines. As a child, my father had gotten tired of me asking how different devices worked. Once, I even broke apart the blender to check what made it spin. Obviously, I ended up being scolded, but my curiosity never diminished. Read More »

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Era – Growing with STEM

Era smiling in front of shrubs

Era, TechGirls 2022, Kosovo An environment where we could flourish, expand our ideas and collaborate with other changemakers, was created in the TechGirls program. This program allowed me to view the world from new perspectives. In addition, it gave me clearer lenses as I immersed myself in learning more about 35 different cultures in the Read More »

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Esther – Sowing Seeds of Potential

Esther smiles while holding Fijian flag across her body.

Esther, TechGirls 2022, Fiji Growing up, I have always wondered what my purpose in life was. I began to search for ways to spend my time in hopes to ignite an interest that would bring me happiness and satisfaction. I discovered that as I assisted loved ones in my community, it gave me a sense Read More »

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Guzalkhon – Rejecting Social Norms in STEM

Guzalkhon smiling with shrubs behind her

Guzalkhon, TechGirls 2022, Uzbekistan I used to grossly misinterpret the life of my childhood idol, Marie Curie. She seemed to be a model woman who self-sacrificially contributed to her husband’s scientific success. Knowing what I know today, I try not to judge my past self too harshly. The two options available to my gender were Read More »

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Leena – Unleashing the Power of Python

Leena is smiling in winter clothes while standing in front of greenery.

Leena, TechGirls 2022, Palestinian Territories Through the remarkable TechGirls program, I was given a one of a kind opportunity to not only discover the world of coding and microprocessors but also to go to the States and engage with a community of female STEM geniuses and dreamers for 3 weeks. With their support, I was Read More »

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Luíza – Turning Hesitation Into Motivation

Luíza smiling in a field while wearing a Virginia Tech sweatshirt

Luíza, TechGirls 2022, Brazil Two months before high school started, I had to make the decision of what I was going to study in college. The decision was not clear in my head, but I chose to major in International Relations. A few months later, I decided to visit a company in order to participate Read More »

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