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Ons Image for blog post

Ons – Global STEM Skills

October 9, 2021

Ons, TechGirls 2017, Tunisia After participating in the TechGirls program and going through many international programs as a member in the First Skills Club Association in Tunisia, I have realized the importance of travelling, seeking education abroad, and learning in a multicultural environment. For these reasons, I have decided to Read More »

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Sondos Image for blog post- full body shot

Sondos – Leadership and Relief Efforts in COVID

September 18, 2021

Sondos, TechGirls 2013, Jordan In 2013 I was chosen to participate in the TechGirls program. I thought it would be a great experience like many others, but for me TechGirls was a real life-changing experience. Besides all the knowledge I gained during the program which helped me pursue my graduation Read More »

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Headshot of Raghad for blog post

Raghad – A Step Ahead in Creating more Accessible Lives

September 4, 2021

Raghad, Jordan, TechGirls 2021 Smart Cane For Visually Impaired People– a step ahead in creating a more accessible life for those who cannot see. “I remember when I told all my colleagues, teachers, and robotics coaches that I got accepted into the TechGirls program. I already knew that the program Read More »

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Headshot of Alyssa

Alyssa – Full STEAM Ahead!

August 21, 2021

Alyssa, TechGirls 2020, USA “For the past three years, I have been building an organization called Full STEAM Ahead. Our mission is to bring equity, access, and diversity to the tech industry by increasing minorities in educational STEM competitive teams. We are accomplishing this goal by developing a social app Read More »

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Juddy with medal

Juddy – Robotics & Leadership Skills

August 7, 2021

Juddy, TechGirls 2021, Jordan “I went out with the lamps looking for myself.” They say that eventually, computers will take over the world. We believe that technology will have the power to do anything; It can transform our whole image. So, we should learn and understand more about it. I Read More »

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Headshot of Riwa - impact story photo

Riwa – Spearheading Eco-Friendly STEM Solutions

July 17, 2021

Riwa, Lebanon, TechGirls 2017 I first heard about TechGirls in 2017 from a counselor at my high school shortly before the application deadline. I did not know much about programming, but I was curious about technology. I decided to apply and was very excited when I learned that I got Read More »

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Yasmina AlAyash Headshot

Yasmina – Training Girls Around the World to be STEM Leaders

July 3, 2021

Yasmina, TechGirls 2019, Lebanon Giving back, leaving an impact, or helping in change have always been a huge part of my personality. I have been socially active, enhancing my skills, volunteering, and trying my best to have a positive impact on people around me. After researching different ways to help Read More »

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Rayhona giving a presentation - image for blog post

Rayhona – Collaboration and Education in Tech

June 19, 2021

Rayhona, TechGirls 2020, Uzbekistan “Becoming a TechGirl was one of the best achievements of my life. The cross-cultural experience, during the virtual program, provided me with the opportunity to find an intellectually rich community of people dedicated to the life of the mind. The collaboration of girls from diverse communities Read More »

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Farah at tedx talk

Farah – Forging the Way for Females in STEM

June 5, 2021

Farah Ghanma, TechGirls 2017, Jordan ____________________________________________________________________________ How the TechGirls Experience Shaped My Life The TechGirls program played a huge role in shifting my career path. I was ecstatic to know that I got accepted into the program, knowing that it was competitive to get accepted. I took part in various Read More »

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headshot of girl - asar

Asar – Gender Equality & STEM

May 22, 2021

Asar, TechGirl 2015, Palestinian Territories At a young age, living in the heart of the Middle East, my interest in physics, mathematics, and science, has been observed as rather peculiar. I enjoyed scientific research, building solutions, and challenging myself. However, being a woman, in a male-dominated, conservative society, imposed a Read More »

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