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Elyse – Forging My Path to Engineering

Elyse, TechGirls 2022, Rwanda

I cannot remember a time when I was not fascinated by machines. As a child, my father had gotten tired of me asking how different devices worked. Once, I even broke apart the blender to check what made it spin. Obviously, I ended up being scolded, but my curiosity never diminished. I always wanted to know what lies behind any functioning machine. This passion led me to major in Computer Science during high school. In the summer, I would seek ways to nurture my interests as I participated in competitions, programs, or camps. As I browsed the internet one day, I came across the TechGirls program, which captivated my attention. Little did I know that this would be much more than a way to pursue my interests, but also a transformative experience. 

Through TechGirls, I acquired technical skills in engineering with hands-on experience, valuable lessons in programming, web design and data analysis. It also provided me with essential leadership and communication skills through mentorship from distinguished professionals in STEM. All of this impact has equipped me as an aspiring mechatronics engineer. 

I was also able to connect with like-minded young women from around the world. I made many friends who shared a passion for technology and similar desire for change in our societies and the world at large. The connections and support from the TechGirls community has kept me focused and motivated to pursue my goals. The program gave me the confidence I needed to pursue a path in engineering. It helps knowing that I am part of an amazing community of girls just like me; girls with big aspirations and clear visions for their professional lives.

Now, as a Tech Girls alumna, I am very grateful for this life changing experience that has cemented me in my journey towards my dream. Thank you to all my friends, staff, and mentors who made it memorable.

Elyse smiling on a grass lawn. There are people and buildings behind her.
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