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Excellence – STEM Leadership and Success

Excellence, TechGirls 2022, USA

Through the TechGirls Program I have been more into STEM than ever. 

“Code With Excellence” – my community action project and small business where I teach kids to code in the languages of Scratch, Python, and Java – performed great, with more than 30 students enrolled in the program. I also loved that most of my students were young black girls and being able to ignite their interest in coding warms my heart. I even plan to continue this in college hopefully between summer internships or jobs. I have also recently won a National Honorable Mention of the NCWIT [The National Center for Women & Information Technology] Aspirations award due to my work with “Code With Excellence”.

I am stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new things and even taking on more leadership roles in school. I even entered myself into my school’s science fair and made a robot that was able to flip on a Lego beam. I don’t think I would have even tried to do the fair without the confidence and presentation skills I learned from Tech Girls. It was genuinely a fun time meeting the wonderful girls that I befriended during the program and still talk to today. 

I am now a senior waiting for college decisions and am thankful for the waiver to Virginia Tech which saved me a lot of money. I am also thankful for the recommendation letter from one of the staff that helped me get accepted to some of my top colleges. I am very thankful for all the TechGirls and all I have learned from them allowing me to succeed.

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