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Farahnozkhon – Helping Girls Achieve Their STEM Dreams

Farahnozkhon, TechGirls 2021, Tajikistan

I’ve had an interest in technology since I was a child. I remember collecting old gadgets, disassembling them, inspecting every detail, and reassembling them. It was great fun. When I first learned about and began studying the C ++ programming language, I realized that programming is like mathematics. We must also determine the best way to solve the problem in the most effective way. The main distinction is that programming allows you to create something new and innovative.

I took a Web Developing course in the summer of 2019. This course inspired me to learn something new every day, and I relished every bit of the information I learned. My mother recognized my thirst for knowledge and forwarded me a post about the TechGirls program. I applied but was not accepted. A person who always achieved her goals on the first try did not succeed. This was not a failure, but rather a new adventure. I enjoy challenging myself. I took part in other programs, grew as a person, and achieved my goal a year later. 

I passed the qualifying rounds and participated in the TechGirls 2021 Summer program. Even though it was delivered online, the course was extremely interesting. In this program, I completed over 100 hours of STEM training at Virginia Tech, made new friends from 12 countries, met inspiring women in STEM, and learned about leadership skills. 

During my participation in the TechGirls program, I became interested in how many Tajik girls are interested in STEM. When I asked girls and women about STEM whenever I could, I was surprised to find out that many had no idea what it was. I devised a strategy for resolving this issue, and after assembling a team, we got to work! I am the app’s chief programmer and designer. My teammates and I created “EduSTEM”, which stands for STEM and Education. With the help of “EduSTEM”, our users will learn about STEM, find a desired career in the STEM field for themselves, a female role model to be inspired by, and even STEM mentors who can guide girls into the STEM field. I am confident that our app will increase the number of girls interested in STEM. As a leader, I promoted open communication, team member growth and development, and feedback both given and received. Thus, our team submitted a project to the Technovation Girls 2022 program by developing an application, writing a business plan, and filming pitch and demo videos. 

I participated in Technovation Girls 2021 and gained valuable team leadership experience. Furthermore, TechGirls Leadership lessons accelerated my leadership skills. As a result, my second participation in this program went more smoothly. I’ve learned how to lead a team and keep everyone on the team and myself productive and motivated. I discovered that teamwork requires a strong desire and passion. It is easier to collaborate and motivate a team when people share a common passion and goal.

I have a rule that if there is an opportunity, I must seize it and not let go. The TechGirls program is an excellent opportunity! I definitely improved and advanced to the next level! I am grateful to my peers, mentors, and staff for their invaluable assistance. Thank you very much!

Farahnozkhon sitting at a table with a slight smile with trees and other chairs and tables behind her.
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