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Yasmina – Training Girls Around the World to be STEM Leaders

Yasmina, TechGirls 2019, Lebanon

Giving back, leaving an impact, or helping in change have always been a huge part of my personality. I have been socially active, enhancing my skills, volunteering, and trying my best to have a positive impact on people around me. After researching different ways to help others and wanting to reach as many young developing mindsets as I could, I started my YouTube channel “TipShare”. I share tips, skills, tricks, and reflections of my experience in the STEM field. I discuss topics that would be helpful in soft skills development such as public speaking, time management, design thinking, studying tips, and many more. I also plan to develop my channel by sharing basic tips and tutorials on basic coding. Yasmina believes creating her YouTube channel has been the best way to help anyone, but specifically youth, interested in developing their skills. 

I have taken part in several workshops, boot camps, and events, and that all came together like pieces of a puzzle that made me and my personality into an evolving whole. One of these boot camps was “Solve24io” which was a follow-on project by TechWomen alumnae who introduced me to the TechGirls Program. The TechGirls program left the most effective and enduring mark of all. Being a TechGirl made me realize that I do not only want to pursue my career in STEM but also, seeing the support and inspiring women around me made me want to further empower and be a helping hand to whoever needs it. This was one of the reasons behind starting a YouTube channel and being a resource where anyone can have the chance to develop themselves.

During my TechGirls journey, I had the chance to enhance my leadership, project planning, and coding skills. Additionally, I had the honor to represent all the MENA TechGirls at both AT&T and The Capitol Hill, be interviewed by AlJazeera, visit NASA Goddard Center, and job shadow at Google. The Google job shadow day was one of the highlights of my experience because of the job shadow host, Johnny Bailey, looking at me after hearing my story, dreams, and goals and said, “You are going to change the world someday.” Hearing such powerful and supportive words makes me want to keep going and follow my grit. I have also built friendships, sisterhoods, and a wide network of thriving and inspiring people. 

It does not stop there! I have also been chosen to become a TechGirl Alumnae Council Officer, where I am gaining exclusive training, networking, opportunities, and experiences. In addition to that, I have taken part in an Instagram takeover in March for Women’s History Month. Currently, I am planning and organizing an initiative and a summer boot camp for this year. The support reflected from the TechGirls staff members and the community of like-minded people has definitely helped me reach all I am today and made me realize the potential I hold within. My community helped me believe in my abilities being the key to my success.

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