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Riwa – Spearheading Eco-Friendly STEM Solutions

Riwa, Lebanon, TechGirls 2017

I first heard about TechGirls in 2017 from a counselor at my high school shortly before the application deadline. I did not know much about programming, but I was curious about technology. I decided to apply and was very excited when I learned that I got accepted. Participating in the TechGirls exchange program increased my passion and intrigue for technology and the ways it can change the world. I gained programming skills, networking skills, and leadership skills which motivated me to pursue a career in inventing and optimizing many technological solutions. 

TechGirls introduced me to many careers I didn’t know existed! It opened my eyes to numerous possibilities through the job shadowing experiences and introducing me to professionals in the STEM field. TechGirls has been the main factor in helping me decide my career path. I’m currently majoring in mechatronics engineering and minoring in mathematics. I am graduating next year, and I aspire to work as a design engineer for mechanical and mechatronic systems. I am also working on co-initiating a startup that provides eco-friendly, affordable technological solutions. The network that TechGirls has provided me with has been a huge asset. The first product will be an affordable and environment-friendly A/C, which has already attracted investors from several countries and was featured in regional magazines, and we’re so excited about it! 

Also, the leadership skills I gained encourages me to always take initiative! I am the Vice President of the Physics and Astronomy Club at my university; with the help of an incredible committee, we were able to execute successful events that focused on stargazing and having fun with science! In 2019, I was honored to present in a seminar that the club held about the fabric of space-time. I am also part of the TechGirls-TechWomen Club committee in Lebanon, which plans events to keep in touch with alumnae and support them. Planning and executing these events and supporting TechGirls always fills my heart with warmth and pride as I listen to their ideas and learn about their astounding achievements! 

I believe one of the most impactful benefits of being a TechGirl is the vast network of TechGirls, TechWomen, professionals, and kind people who are always willing to provide support and advice. Meeting people from different countries, backgrounds, and professions opened my eyes to many new perspectives and ideas. TechGirls has always encouraged true empowerment and provided a safe space full of fun and unconditional support, and I will be forever thankful that I got to be part of this program!

Headshot of Riwa - impact story photo
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