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Sulekha – A Summer of Science!

Sulekha, TechGirl 2019, USA

My experience with TechGirls first gave me the valuable experience of being part of a group from many different backgrounds, but united in our desire to learn to use technology for the benefit of our communities.

This experience highlighted the power of collaboration and sharing ideas with those from different backgrounds. Each person brings their unique skills and expertise to the table, this is vital to scientific research and any other challenges we undertake. 

One of my current interests in the STEM field is astrophysics and the aerospace industry.  This summer I was privileged to participate in the Summer Science Program (SSP) in Astrophysics, which took place online. Over five intense weeks, I used research-grade telescopes remotely to take images of a near-earth asteroid, then calculated its orbital path and the chance it will impact Earth in the future. Working in a team of three, I spent over many hours collecting and analyzing data.

Participating in SSP this summer taught me that scientific research goes beyond our differences in geography, ethnicity, and background. We all did our best to understand advanced physics, helped each other solve problems sets, and eventually calculated the trajectory an asteroid would take.

I’m excited to be part of communities such as TechGirls that strive to discover, challenge, and improve the world through connection and collaboration  through knowledge and innovation.

Sulekha for blog post
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