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Ons – STEM Education through Radio

Ons, TechGirls 2017, Tunisia

Ons is a TechGirls alumna leader in her country, Tunisia and has been conducting inspiring activities through her country’s TechWomen-TechGirls Club as well as independently. She recently empowered girls in her community through International Women and Girls in Science Day. 

“At the beginning of the year, I started a radio show, named Digital Teens, with a group of my friends, at a local Tunisian Radio. The goal of the show is to increase the understanding of Tunisian Youth of advanced STEM topics like robotics, AI, Data Science, and Quantum Computing.

As part of this show, we animate a weekly session, each Sunday, and we highlight one new STEM topic in every session. Moreover, we invite a young guest speaker to each session and we help them highlight their work. These guests are inspiring Tunisians who come from underprivileged areas and who don’t have the chance to highlight their work.”

Ons recently highlighted the great work Tunisian Women are doing in STEM. “I have talked about the importance of inspiring women and girls to pursue careers in STEM, I have highlighted the TechGirls Program and its impact on me, and I have given tips to the budding women and girls in STEM.” (Interview Link)

Ons invited the 2020-2021 Tunisian TechWomen Amani Boughanmi as a guest speaker to her show. Amani organized an event named GirlsInAi2021 Tunisia that took place in early March. 

“It was wonderful networking with Amani and helping her spread the world about her hackathon. I also joined her as a speaker on the event day, and Amani is looking forward to joining the TechWomen-TechGirls club after she finishes the program!”

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