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Aizhuldyz – STEM Labs Gone Mobile!

Aizhuldyz, TechGirls 2019, Kazakhstan

“Parallel to my study as a computer science major, I was lucky to work as a project manager at National Alumni Network. National Alumni Network – which is an NGO under the US Embassy in Kazakhstan, which works with the USG sponsored program alumni in Kazakhstan. We help our alumni to implement their projects and launch projects such as the Alumni Mentorship Program (exclusive for Kazakh alumni of the US Department of State program). 

Moreover, currently, I am working with my small team on launching a mobile application that provides school laboratory works in augmented reality. We are still working on it, however, in 2019, I won a Startup project showing a demo version of it. When I graduated from high school, I decided to renovate this project. This first involved gathering a special team, since I realized how it is challenging the project would be for one person. Second I made sure to involve my local education system. I have already talked to some schools which are looking forward to using it. Throughout the pandemic I realized, as we are all trapped in our home with online education, that conducting laboratory lessons became impossible, which in turn has decreased the interest in STEM. In addition, most public schools in rural areas even do not have access to STEM education in general.”

Aizhuldyz is truly a global STEM leader bringing STEM education to her country despite the challenges of covid!

Aizhuldyz Kazakhstanfor blog post
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