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Aruzhan – Web Development for Online Learning

Aruzhan, TechGirl 2019, Kazakhstan

Following the TechGirls program each summer, participants are required to complete a community-based project supporting their country utilizing technology. Here is Aruzhan’s story:

My project helps students in my school improve their social life and help them with exams. My project is this website; with helpful links and videos for my peers. There are three main topics: Summer clubs, school volunteering and video lectures. I was doing my project with my classmates. I worked with a volunteering club, there are two groups of volunteers, who worked with 2nd graders. One group partnered with the Kazakh class, the second group served the Russian class. My partner Artyom was working with video lectures and promotions. My second partner was doing a website. As well as promoting this project, I promoted TechGirls to students. To learn more on who has collaborated with me on this project, you can find it on-site in the “Our Blog” folder.

During the project, I have faced a lot of challenges. Such as work with my partners, it was hard to find time to work altogether; we were applying to universities from October till January, had exams such as SAT and TOEFL and school midterms. Also, there was a challenge to find students who want to volunteer, because all members of the project are sitting in another building. That is why sometimes we did not meet, because of different school schedules. I really enjoyed this project and hope to continue it. 

Aruzhan for blog post
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