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Tech Training and Careers in Tech

Tech Training

The tech instructional partner for TechGirls is the opens in a new windowCenter for the Enhancement of Engineering Diversity (CEED) at Virginia Tech.

TechGirls receive 40 hours of instruction in STEM foundational courses. They also have the chance to visit labs to learn about groundbreaking research. The whole experience opens up great awareness of academic and career paths.

“Cyber security classes were very important for me because thanks to our professor, I made the decision to choose cyber security for my future education in university.” Rukhia, Kazakhstan – TechGirls 2019

“The CEED lab tours allowed me to explore many engineering branches. I worked in the lab as a material engineer and developed my own product from the metal; I made a prototype of the energy collector as an environmental engineer; I drove an almost fully autonomous car and learned how to write a code for artificial intelligence. The most exciting lab was building robots with hands on experience that solidified my desire to work in engineering for the rest of my life.” Khayot, Uzbekistan – TechGirls 2019

Career Conversations and Job Shadow Day

TechGirls teams up with several private sector partners for career conversations or one-two days of job shadowing. Through these events participants:

Student shaking hands with TechGirls presenter

  • Gain exposure to a variety of careers in the technology sector.
  • Gain a better understanding of the job elements of their career interest.
  • Learn what type of education is needed to gain entry to this career.
  • Make contact with a potential future employer.
  • Determine if the career is compatible with their interests and abilities.
  • Build opportunities for mentorships with other women in tech.
  • Build confidence in young women to pursue higher education and careers in technology.
  • Experience American-style work life; understand the work/life balance.
  • Gain exposure to collaborative work environments and innovative thinking.


Since 2019, TechGirls have had the opportunity to visit NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center while in the United States for the international exchange program. TechGirls partnership with NASA provides meaningful empowerment of the emerging young STEM TechGirls leaders with expert engineers in the field. TechGirls gain insight and advice on careers in STEM from female leaders at NASA.

To be a partner opens in a new window contact us.

Previous partners have included the following innovative companies:

AshokaAT&T, Bully Pulpit Interactive opens in a new windowCorporation for National & Community Service opens in a new windowecho&co, opens in a new windowFacebook opens in a new windowFCC opens in a new windowGoogle, opens in a new windowHealth and Human Services, opens in a new windowIslamic Relief USA opens in a new windowiStrategies Lab opens in a new windowMicrosoft,   opens in a new windowNational Building Museum opens in a new windowOhMyGov Inc., opens in a new windowPrecision Network opens in a new windowRelief International, opens in a new windowSynoptos, opens in a new windowTechChange and opens in a new windowVerizon Communications.

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