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Ons – Global STEM Skills

Ons, TechGirls 2017, Tunisia

After participating in the TechGirls program and going through many international programs as a member of the First Skills Club Association in Tunisia, I have realized the importance of traveling, seeking education abroad, and learning in a multicultural environment. For these reasons, I have decided to challenge myself and applied for the Thomas Jefferson Scholarship Program (TJSP). I wanted to place myself in a competitive environment and learn more about Computer Science from a top world university so that I can return to my community with better STEM skills. 

The application process for the Thomas Jefferson program was very intense. Over 8,000 university students from across Tunisia have applied for this prestigious scholarship program, but only 28 students were selected to receive the scholarship and study in the United States for one academic year. The Thomas Jefferson Scholarship Program is a one-year academic, cultural, and professional scholarship program designed by IREX and sponsored by the U.S. Department of State. As part of this golden opportunity, I am currently pursuing one year of academic studies at Missouri State University as a Computer and Information Science major. 

Being part of the TechGirls program helped me get closer to my dream and aided in my acceptance into the TJSP. As a TechGirls alumna, I was able to join an empowering community of STEM women and global leaders who have helped me create various community projects, train youth in STEM fields, gain valuable soft and hard/technical skills, and become aware of cultural differences through working with people from different backgrounds. These skills allowed me to stand out during the application process and be one of the TJSP scholars for the 2021-2022 academic year. 

Succeeding in my first year of university studies with good academic standards and getting into the TJSP was a huge and enriching challenge! I have never thought that I can accomplish all of this in my first year of university; therefore, I would love to thank all the people who believed in me and helped me challenge my limitations.

I am looking forward to all of the great experiences I will have, the inspiring people I will meet, and the challenges I will encounter thanks to the TJSP program!

Tech Girl, Ons representing Tunisia at Missouri State University
Ons, TechGirls 2017, Tunisia – Representing Tunisia at Missouri State University
Ons Image for blog post
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