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Mas – Empowering Youth in STEM

Mas, TechGirls 2021, Jordan

Thinking back to the past, I was not a lucky person. I always failed to get many opportunities, I was rejected from many other programs, and I made many mistakes. Basically my goal was and still is to develop my personality and develop what talents I have and my areas of interest. After so many struggles I now admit and say that the mistakes I made in the past are what allowed me to improve. And now I’m proud because I’m part of the TechGirls program.

Joining the TechGirls family was a dream for me. I really wanted one day to join a large community that supports the fields I care about. Every second with TechGirls was a motivation for me to continue improving myself. TechGirls inspired me always and all the time, this experience was a new step in my life. I see that I have something great that many of those around me do not, so I pledge myself to always share what I have learned from TechGirls.

Although I am small on this earth, every action I do, even if it benefits only one person, will affect and make a change. We all are capable of making something honorable for ourselves, our families, and our nation, no matter what it is.

Through TechGirls and my follow-on project, entitled “The Impact of Technology on Oceans and Marine Life,” I carried out many community services and workshops about the impact of technology in our lives. The third workshop I held was attended by Mr. Ben Roode, the Cultural Exchange Programs Officer at the US Embassy in Jordan, and Access Program teachers. 15 students from Access 6 attended. We talked more about modern technology that helped discover the ocean, and technology machines that reduce ocean pollution and preserve the environment. The workshop was in the Life Center/World Associates building, where the activities supported by the US Embassy in Aqaba are held. Everyone was happy and benefited from the topic and expressed the importance of talking about such topics. After the workshop, I received an Embassy alumni medal from Mr. Roode. It meant a lot to me.  

Being a part of TechGirls really increased my self-confidence, as I felt the responsibility I bear towards my community and the people around me to share what I learn. This reminds me of the famous saying: “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. How nice it feels to be a reason to inspire others. Therefore, I am really thankful and grateful for those who gave me this inspiration and made it grow in me.”

Mas also recently published a book called Glance. She participated in the Amman International Book Fair as the youngest author at the event!

Mas TechGirl in front of a white school building with blue windows
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