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Isabelle – Empowering Female Entrepreneurs 

Isabelle, TechGirl 2016, USA

Isabelle studies at Stanford University where she is concurrently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Symbolic Systems (computer science, psychology, linguistics, philosophy) and a master’s degree in Computer Science. She is also Managing Partner for Dorm Room Fund, the nation’s largest student-run venture capital fund with a portfolio valuation worth over $1 billion.

The TechGirls experience helped to open my eyes to the human-centered impacts of technology. After bonding with friends from cultures across the world and seeing how the same technology touches people in different ways, I began to think more deeply about the importance of considering humanity, ethics, and accessibility while developing products. While talking with the other TechGirls about their experiences as women in tech, I also learned about the many shared and unique challenges we all face in our fields, whether it’s from cultural, socioeconomic, or resource-driven contexts.

After the program, I was inspired to pursue a major at the intersection of computer science, human-centered understanding, and design impact. I hoped to increase access and opportunity for all the billions of women around the world with the potential to change the world through starting their own ventures and launching their own products, and this desire to make my mark has evolved into a passion that’s been driving me since.

This summer, I’m launching and leading Female Founder Track, a six-week masterclass program to turbocharge aspiring female student founders in growing their first companies and raising venture capital. So far, the program has already received applications from over 300 trailblazing female-founded and student-led startups, a number that blows my mind and definitely encourages me about the future of diversity in entrepreneurship. 

I believe that leadership and change starts from the top. By connecting first-time female founders with top female entrepreneurs, operators, and investors for lessons and intimate one-on-one mentorship through running Female Founder Track, I hope to help close the gender gap in high-powered industries such as technology.”

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