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Amina – Tech4All!

Amina, TechGirl 2021, Morocco

Amina is a co-founder of Tech4All with opens in a new windowAlae, you can read more opens in a new windowhere. She was recognized with an Outstanding Project Award and has made an incredible impact!

My community-based project is Tech4All and my goal is to spread technology worldwide! Participating in TechGirls was my dream! I still remember the day when I learned about this program. It truly sparked my curiosity and I really wanted to be a TechGirl. I even wrote it on the wall and on all my notebooks, but my inner voice had a lot to say. “It is so competitive! you don’t have any activities! You are weak! You can’t even write a line of code!” However, I changed my perspective at that time and I answered differently, “Maybe I can’t write a line of code but I have a dream, a vision, and passion in my heart. That is enough to build empires!” I never thought that I would be selected, but decided to go for it. I challenged myself and I overcame a lot of problems.

Now, after completing the program and joining the TechGirls network, I see that it was a life-changing journey. TechGirls was an eye-opening experience. it helped me get out of my comfort zone, broaden my horizons, and provide me with a chance to better understand the cultures of people outside my country. Throughout the program, I was able to develop my communication skills, discover other countries and traditions, learn more about the STEM field, and feel empowered.

After the compilation of the program, I decided to create an online free coding academy named Tech4All as my follow on project. Thanks to the support provided by TechGirls and TechWomen alumnae, and my co-founder (Alae, TechGirl 2020) we were able to spread technology worldwide by leading online classrooms and events. I say with pride that we offer two courses each month on technology concepts and skills. The topics covered include web development, Python coding and JAVA coding. We were able to impact more than 40 people through our courses and more than 45 people during our two-day event where we brought inspiring speakers from world-leading companies like IBM, Microsoft, and Google. 

TechGirls made me believe that I can dream big and achieve even bigger! You can check out the Tech4All platform here.

Amina TechGirl standing on a sidewalk in front of a bush
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