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Call for Flight Chaperones

Special need as of May 2023 - Flight Chaperones are needed from USA to Pakistan on July 31/ August 1, 2023  Please read the details below!



The TechGirls team is seeking 1 responsible adult to act as flight chaperone.


The selected flight chaperones will not be expected to have any role in the actual exchange program outside of flight chaperoning duties.  You can enter the United States at any time on a tourist visa and be ready to escort the girls from Pakistan back home at the end of their exchange.

Escorts fly the entire journey (all legs) with participants.  Special attention is made in selecting chaperones that may easily procure tourist visas or procure visas upon entry.

Additional eligibility criteria:

  • Minimum age 23
  • Proof of COVID vaccination
  • Prior experience traveling internationally to/from the United States
  • Demonstrated ability to navigate and trouble shoot international flight issues
  • Demonstrated ability to manage a minimum of 3-4 travelers who are minors
  • Knowledge of English



Chaperone Duties begin immediately as you obtain tourist visas and mete the girls and their families.  On departure days you are ready approximately four hours before the flight departs and duties end when the girls have met in person by TechGirl staff or with family members.

Additional responsibilities:

  1. Participate in virtual orientations session(s) with Legacy International staff.
  2. Assist as needed in communicating all plans with the TechGirls participants, their families, and/or Local Engagement Coordinators.
  3. During travel:
    1. Keep group together and always stay with the group.
    2. Communicate via phone or text with Legacy International staff at all points of transition.
    3. Monitor health and safety during flight and contact airline crew as needed.
    4. Upon arrival at transit airports, chaperone the girls to their next flights.
    5. Notify Legacy International immediately of any delays or flight changes.
    6. Help girls complete any customs/immigration paperwork and guide through Passport Control.
    7. Confirm all bags are collected and if any problems, submit report to airline and alert Legacy International staff.
    8. Meet parents in arrival hall, transfer girls to Legacy staff, and report any important information.

As a flight chaperone you will receive round trip air tickets, a travel allowance, two nights per diem, and reimbursement of visa fees and other related travel. The details regarding each are provided for your clarity:

  1. Air Tickets: Legacy is providing round trip air transport from and to Washington, DC (Dulles IAD airport or Reagan airport).
  2. Personal or non-program related travel: If a flight chaperone wishes to extend his/her stay in country, they are welcome to do so. The cost of any travel in addition to the round-trip air ticket which Legacy provides, and all other travel-related expenses, are personal expenses and will not be paid by Legacy.
  3. Per diem: A per diem allowance for lodging, meals and incidentals will be given for two days at the U.S. government approved rate. Flight chaperones are responsible for securing their own hotel or housing.  Legacy can assist if needed.
  4. Legacy will provide flight chaperones with a $50 travel allowance on arrival to help offset costs incurred during travel.
  5. Legacy will provide flight chaperones with cash to secure tourist visa.



Flight Chaperone Application:

Country Code + Number
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Please note we are only seeking a return flight chaperone for Pakistan at this time.
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