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Renan – training others in Gaza

TechGirl: Renan Country: Palestinian Territories (Gaza)  Participation year: 2018

Renan is 16 years old and lives in Gaza where she attends Ahmed Shawqi School. After returning home in August,  she has been involved in multiple coding programs, including the Patel Group Foundation’s Code For Palestine and the Gaza Sky Geeks, where she worked on mobile app development for community improvement. Renan has created a Tech Access Program for girls between the ages of 14 and 17. She created this project so that her peers interested in coding or STEM related fields can learn about the TechGirls Program, the importance of technology, and how to access coding tutorials on-line.  Her follow-on project is a great way to promote the ideals of TechGirls; creating a sustainable future by sharing your knowledge with other people and building up your own community in a constructive way.

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