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Flight Chaperones

Tech Girls participant presenting her journey to programFlight Chaperones 2023

Please await news of possible openings
for 2023.

Legacy International works with US Department of State Exchange Program Alumnae as adult flight chaperones to bring 3-4 TechGirls participants (ages 15-17) on international flights to and from the participating countries.

Chaperone duties and responsibilities:

  1. Participate in virtual orientations sessions with Embassy and Legacy staff, as well as attend the Pre-departure Orientation in-person
  2. Assist Legacy in communicating all travel plans with the TechGirls participants and their families
  3. For USDOS alumni – you may be invited to attend and present at TechGirls events (see below)
  4. During travel;
  • Keep group members together and stay with the group at all times
  • Communicate via phone or text with US Post officials and Legacy staff at all points of transition
  • Monitor health and safety during flight, contact airline crew as needed
  • Upon arrival at transit airports, escort girls to their next flights
  • Notify Legacy immediately of any delays or flight changes, and upon arrival in the U.S.
  • Help girls complete any customs/immigration paperwork and guide through Customs and Passport Control
  • Confirm all bags are collected and if any problems, submit a lost baggage report to the airline and alert Legacy staff
  • Upon entry in USA: meet Legacy staff in arrival hall and turn over responsibility for the girls to Legacy staff. Report any important information at that time. Upon entry in home country of participant on end of program return flights –meet parents in arrival hall and/or escort girls to any connecting flights.
  • There are some cases when a girl must stay in a hotel the night prior to international departure and the escort will be asked to stay in the provided accommodation with her. 

Tentative Dates for 2023

  • Sub-Saharan Africa (AF) – Cameroon, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, and South Africa  – – Travel to USA July 8, start travel home August 1
  • East Asia and Pacific (EAP) – Cambodia, Fiji, Indonesia, Mongolia, Taiwan, and Vietnam – – Travel to USA July 8, start travel home August 1
  • Europe and Eurasia (EUR) – Albania, Cyprus, Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro, and Turkey – – Travel to USA July 9, start travel home August 1
  • Middle East and North Africa (NEA) – Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestinian Territories, and Tunisia – – Travel to USA July 8, start travel home August 1
  • South and Central Asia (SCA) – Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan – – Travel to USA July 8, start travel home August 1
  • Western Hemisphere (WHA) – Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Honduras, and Suriname – – Travel to USA July 8, start travel home August 1

Special Needs:  West Bank and Gaza escorts and hosting in Jordan:  Contact us directly if interested –

  • Border Assistance:  Legacy international seeks 1-2 Chaperones to escort selected girls traveling to and from West Bank and Gaza across the Jordan border.  This includes 1-2 night stay in Amman and making sure the girls get to the airport and join the Jordanian TechGirls group for the international flight.
  • Host Families: Legacy also seeks 2-4 host families from amongst the TechGirls and TechWomen Alumni network who may offer overnight stays in their homes for the Gaza TechGirls in Jordan from July 1-July 7.  Responsibilities also include helping them get to US Embassy for visa appointment, and to airport for flight to USA.  Between August 1-3 a home-stay may be needed for the girls as they wait to cross the border.

EligibilityTech Girls arriving at airport

Flight chaperones may be Legacy staff members, staff of local NGOs, educators, ECA program alumnae (including TechWomen alumnae). Preference is for females. The selected flight chaperones will not be expected to have any role in the actual exchange other than providing this service. Legacy prefers one chaperone per country group that flies the entire flight (all legs) with participants. Combining country groups at a designated hub for the transatlantic flight can be considered only if all safety guidelines are met. Special attention will be made in selecting chaperones that may easily procure tourist visas to the United States or procure visas upon entry in the Central Asian and MENA countries.

Eligibility Criteria of flight chaperone include:

  • Minimum age 24
  • Prior experience traveling internationally from the United States, or to the United States from the designated countries
  • Demonstrated ability to navigate and trouble shoot international flight issues
  • Demonstrated ability to manage a minimum of 4 travelers who are minors
  • For US chaperones – Passing a criminal background and National Sex Offenders registry checks
  • Knowledge of English

Financial arrangements:

As a flight chaperone you will receive round trip air tickets, a travel allowance, two nights per diem, and reimbursement of visa fees and related travel. Legacy will arrange and manage all round-trip international travel (complying with the Fly America Act). Flight chaperones will arrange all in-country travel and accommodations.

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